Magnetic Insoles

Acupressure Magnetic Insoles

 Combine the best of both worlds with Acupressure Combined with magnetic therapy. These magnetic insoles have Massage Nodules for while you walk. If you spend a long time on your feet, perform heavy tasks, get insufficient exercise, you owe it to yourself to buy this product. This is a quality product with a Hi-Tech Multi-Pole Magnetic Field. This insole fits M 5-11 or F 5-9 

The "Soul" of the body
You have 42 pressure points on the soles of your foot, each are connected
to vutal organs and muscles of the body, therefore when you wear our insoles

Bio- Magnetic Insoled are GREAT for Diabetics and they last at least twice as lond as other insoles.

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Acupressure Magnetic Insoles Bi-Polar

Ladies, gentlemen! Behold, your savior for stabbing pain! We understand how terrible your calves and soles feel after a day at work. Seek bliss with these magnetic insoles to relieve those aches. Your feet support your weight all day, these insoles keep the pain at bay. Pamper your feet with these cozy insoles. Give yourself a needed boost and all your pains will be reduced. Bi-Polar 350 gauss magnets.


Treat Your feet to these genuine reflexology magnetic insoles and feel the difference immediately.

 One point is important. These insoles have nodules on one side to correspond with the acupressure and reflexology points on the sole of the foot. If someone has a size 8 shoe and buys the large ones and cuts them down, then those acupressure and reflexology points are not in the correct place. They won't work! We have 2 sizes, men and women. Men's are from shoe size 9 up and women's are for shoe sizes 8 and down. They are very easy to cut to size - the markings are on the bottom.

Too much stimulation is not considered good. You should use the nodule side against their foot for 10 to 15 minutes twice a day and then turn them over and use the smooth side against their foot all the rest of the day.

This is the only item in our line that is Bipolar apart from our hematite jewelry. Most of our products only have the negative magnetic force acting on the user to promote healing and pain relief.

Using negative and positive magnetic energy at the same time has a different effect. It makes you feel more awake and alive. I have used regular magnetic insoles that just have the negative magnetic energy myself, but they don't make my feet feel as good as these bipolar ones do. Now if I have something that needs healing on the bottom of my foot I will tape a neo magnetic dot to it and use these bipolar insoles at the same time.

The whole insole is magnetized, it's not a case of putting small magnets inside the rubber of the insole


Strongest Insole Made of Magnetized Flex Rubber
 Sandal and High Heel Shoes 

Super Flex Sandal Strip Adheres to insole of Sandal or High Heel Shoe. 
Our  Sale Price $15.99