What is Magnetic Therapy?

    * Bio-Magnetic Therapy is the attempt to improve symptoms and treat illnesses by the application of a magnetic field to the human body. Magnetic Therapy is a safe, non-invasive method of applying magnetic fields to the body for therapeutic purposes. Magnetic Therapy has been found to speed healing and improve the quality of sleep without adverse side effects. Magnetic Therapy can be used independently or in conjunction with your current treatment.

Who should not use Bio-Magnetic Therapy products?

    * People with implanted medical devices such as pace makers or insulin pumps.
    * Those who are pregnant, or suspect that they may be, should cease all applications of Magnetic Therapy products.
    * Do not place Magnetic Therapy products on top of an open wound or a transdermal drug patch.
    * If you are experiencing undetermined pain, consult with your physician prior to starting Bio-Magnetic Therapy. Pain is a symptom that something is wrong with your body. It is advisable to determine the origin of the pain prior to starting any type of therapy.

Are Bio-Magnets safe for children?

    * Permanent magnets are safe according to all respected scientific standards. The World Health Organization and the FDA consider them non-hazardous risks and they are generally recognized as safe.

Is Bio-Magnetic Therapy safe?

    * According to published clinical studies, Bio-Magnetic Therapy has no known side effects, making it a safe alternative to pain relievers. This being said, there are certain individuals that should not use Bio-Magnetic Therapy products.

How does Bio-Magnetic Therapy work?

    * Many theories of how magnets work are a variation on what scientists call the Hall Effect. Since our bloodstream is filled with positively and negatively charged ions, stimulating these ions by exposure to a magnetic field creates heat. The heat increases the blood supply to the area where the magnet is located, and with the blood comes extra oxygen and nutrients, as well as a reduced amount of toxins. As magnet experts like to point out, magnets don't actually heal the body—they create an environment in which the body can heal itself.

What are the benefits of Bio-Magnet Therapy?

    * Reduce pain and inflammation.
    * Relieves stress and anxiety.
    * Relieves sleeplessness and fatigue
    * Improve circulation
    * Relieve motion sickness
How effective is Bio-Magnet Therapy?

    * Bio-Magnet Therapy has been found to be 85% effective for those who use it. 

What does gauss mean?

    * Gauss is defined as the unit of measurement which defines how many lines of magnetic (flux density) per square centimeters are emitted from the surface of the magnet.

Which side of the magnet should be used for relief?

    * The north side of the magnet has been found to be the healing side of the magnet.

Can I use the magnets around my computer and other electronic equipment?

    * The magnets can be used around the computer and other electronic office equipment with care. Do not place magnets directly on computer. Do not let magnets come in contact with credit cards or other cards that utilize a magnetic strip for scanning, video tapes, or computer diskettes, etc.

Medical  Disclaimer

 * We are in no way providing medical advice. We are also not responsible for the misuse of products purchased. Studies have indicated that 85% of the people who use Bio-Magnetic Therapy products have found great benefits. We do not guarantee that this will work for you. Magnets have been shown to relieve pain and inflammation temporarily, magnets have not been found to cure. According to published clinical studies, magnet use has no side effects.